Water thinking at Arup

The following publications outline some of our thinking on water at Arup.
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Social impact

To date, 210 million people around the world have benefited from Arup’s involvement across the water cycle since 2012. We embrace our role in influencing positive solutions to global water issues and take very seriously our opportunities to improve the lives of those we come in contact with. Our aim is to shape a better world for over 500 million in the next ten years. This last year much of our ‘social benefit’ has been earned from a number of projects in two main areas: impact on water supply accounting for 42%, closely followed by wastewater at 33%. This is reflective of the demands placed on our global urban environments and the need to replace and improve existing systems. Our capability encompasses water in natural catchment systems, including flood risk management, water treatment and supply, its uses in municipalities, the built environment and industry, and its treatment, re-use, recycling and return to the environment.

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Design With Water

Our Design with Water approach recognises the need to change the way we live within our constraints and leverage the full benefits of taking a water cycle approach to water management. At its core, this innovative process is about reducing risk, increasing resilience and perhaps most importantly making better, healthier places and improving the local environment. This can be achieved through the reintegration of catchment-scale water management with urban planning and landscape design. By understanding and influencing the whole water cycle, Arup has developed particular expertise that enables us to assess risks and support our clients in taking a strategic approach to water management – as well as minimising mankind’s impact on the environment. We provide services across the water cycle, addressing issues relating to resilience, flood risk, water supply and wastewater treatment through sustainable and innovative planning, design and delivery.

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Research and Development

The Arup Water business has a great track record in supporting and developing meaningful research in the water space. Investing significantly in water research over the last 12 months. Our research programme is informed by our 3 year Research Roadmap, which was refreshed last year, with a focus this year on flooding; green infrastructure and catchment management.

Our programme includes:
Now Research – responding to current business needs
New Research – pushing the boundaries of a discipline
Next Research – opening up new business areas.

For further information please download our Global Water Research Review 2015 and Research Roadmap, at  www.arup.com/water

Drivers of Change: Water

Arup’s Drivers of Change investigate the key global issues and trends driving change in our societies and markets. It is one of the most well-known and comprehensive series of its kind. The cards are an effective way of raising awareness about our environment – both man-made and natural. They help initiate conversations, act as workshop materials, provide a foundation for further study and serve as an input for strategy and innovation processes. Drivers of Change: Water delivers a 2015 update of the previous water cards (first published in 2008). The new version was developed through a global programme of research, consultation and workshops. It includes new drivers such as smart infrastructure and waterless design, while continuing to highlight key social and political issues around water such as water access and privatisation.

For further information please download our Drivers of Change Water Cards.